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Serenella has an Honours Degree in Art History from Trinity College, Dublin and since 2003 has been an Honorary Fellow at the Royal College of Art, London. She has worked extensively with art galleries and artists around the world.

Between 1992 and 2000 Serenella was Group managing Director of the pan-European satellite broadcaster Super Channel (which later became NBC Europe) from 1998-2016 she was Managing Director of Parallel Media Group which specialised in sport and music, during this period Serenella was also a Director of CNBC Sport. In 2017 Serenella joined the Board of Live Company Group.


In 2008 Parallel Contemporary Art (PCA) was founded and teamed up with the Saatchi Gallery to launch the Global Eye Programme. As a passionate art collector, together with her husband David, Serenella felt strongly that trips to Korea had opened their eyes to a new emerging art world that they both wanted to focus on in more depth. Their idea was to provide a platform to contextualise this work by publishing books that would document the particular scenes in Korea and Great Asia. It was a natural step from that to then stage exhibitions that focused on some of the artists in the books. The programme additionally aims to develop arts infrastructure in Asian territories where this is lacking, in order to provide artists with the platforms, support and recognition they need to develop their careers.

To further showcase the work of Korean artists, in 2009 the Global Eye Programme presented Korean Eye: Moon Generation an exhibition of 31 artists to strong critical response. In follow-up 2010 saw the launch of Korean Eye: Contemporary Korean Art, a book of 75 Korean Artists from which 12 were chosen for the exhibition, Korean Eye: Fantastic Ordinary which opened at London’s Saatchi Gallery. Korean Eye: Moon Generation and Energy and Matter showed in Seoul, New York and Abu Dhabi during 2011 and 2012 bringing together the first two Korean projects and later culminating in Korean Eye: Contemporary Art 2, the largest survey of new Korean art to date. The up-coming Korean Eye:2020 staged together with the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersberg and the Saatchi Gallery, London will further expand Serenella’s dedication to Korean art.


Other projects include, Indonesian Eye (2011), Hong Kong Eye (2013), Malaysian Eye (2014), Singapore Eye (2015), Thailand Eye (2016), Vietnam Eye (2017).

In January 2014 the Eye Programme expanded to launch the annual Eye Awards, recognising and honouring the accomplishments of emerging artists throughout Great Asia. Added to this, PCA launched START Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery to huge acclaim in June 2014, to celebrate and present not only the artists but also emerging art galleries from around the world. The inaugural edition of START Doha in collaboration with The New York Times, Art for Tomorrow conference was launched 11th -14th March 2017. In April 2018 Serenella was a Discussion Leader, Exploring Emerging Art and New Global Art Scenes at the New York Times Art Leaders Conference in Berlin, Germany.

The sixth edition of START Art Fair took place between 26-29 September 2019. A new fair, START Seoul will launch 29 April- 3 May 2020.

For more than 25 years David and Serenella have awarded the Parallel Prize and the Serenella Ciclitira Sculpture Prize to graduates of the Royal College of Art, London, additionally since 2014 The Ciclitira Prize has been presented annually to one graduate of The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London.

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