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The Live Company Group (the ‘Company’ or ‘LVCG’) is launching shows globally and is active across a number of regions including Europe, South America, Asia and America. Between November 2017 and the end of 2019 there will be 51 BRICKLIVE events across 4 continents comprising BRICKLIVE Shows, BRICKLIVE Tours, BRICKLIVE Centres and BRICKLIVE KIDS cafes.

BRICKLIVE promotes the benefits of LEGO as an educational tool through interactive play and experience created through building structures in multiple zones. This could include building the strongest bridge, or building the fastest car to race down the track or even using LEGO architecture bricks to build real life structures. BRICKLIVE Shows also includes ‘brick pits’ whereby young kids can play and build structures with their family and friends in pits of bricks, fostering interactive creativity through play.

Starting in January 2018 BRICKLIVE Centres in South Korea began hosting weekly coding classes. In October 2018 the number of classes increased to accommodate the demand. The class integrates physical development (through building with LEGO bricks) and digital education (through learning about the software and coding). 

BRICKLIVE is a network of Partner-driven interactive family events for LEGO fans. The Company receives a license and content fee for using the BRICKLIVE product whilst our partners promote, manage and operate the events.

BRICKLIVE promotes the benefits of LEGO as an educational tool through interactive play and experience (see above). Delivering the educational experience enjoyed by children and families is part of our core set of principles.

Within 12 months, the BRICKLIVE brand has been or is currently active across 4 continents and its presence within a global market is increasingly growing to become a recognised universal brand. 

There are many videos available on the Bricklivegroup YouTube page

Full profiles of our team can be found here

BRICKLIVE is a network of Partner-driven interactive family events for LEGO fans. The Company receives a license and content fee for using the Bricklive product whilst our partners promote, manage and operate the events, generating their revenue through sales.

LVCG is responsible for providing and delivering the content to the show. Each Partner is allocated an Account Manager responsible for preparing a series of manuals on items such as the operation of the event, floorplans, staff training, design and the activation of spaces to ensure the BRICKLIVE events have a high quality and consistent feel. Our Account Managers liaise closely with Partners advising of new trends and content to continuously improve the show.

Our Partners are responsible for promoting (ticket sales), managing and operating the events.

A standard BRICKLIVE Show will typically include the following features; brick pits (varying colours such as red, blue, green, white), race ramps, a map builder, an architecture zone, a mosaic zone, a graffiti wall, a gaming zone and a Minecraft zone.

In addition to the Bricklive Shows, we also have BRICKLIVE Tours which encompass varying themes, BRICKLIVE Centres and BRICKLIVE KIDS cafes. The Tours include Animal Paradise, Mythical Creatures, Brickosaurs and Great Brick Adventure.

We work with many Partners across the globe whom tend to be region specific although going forward we may work with multiple Partners to deliver the wider portfolio of BRICKLIVE events such as BRICKLIVE Shows, BRICKLIVE Tours (and its various themes), BRICKLIVE Centres and BRICKLIVE KIDS cafes. For example, we are currently working with Live Nation (America and Canada), Exim Entertainment (South America), BECTERO (South East Asia), Grimaldi Forum (Monaco) and HiBrick (South Korea). 

The selection of partners is based on a number of factors such as knowledge of the local and regional markets and their ability to promote, manage and operate the event(s). We want every event to be extremely successful and for that to occur the events need to be resourced accordingly to ensure each show maintains a consitently high standard.

Whilst the financial model for each joint venture Partner differs subtly, in essence the Company receives a license and content fee for using the Bricklive product whilst our Partners promote, manage and operate the events and secure revenue through ticket sales. In some cases, the Company has secured a revenue stream through the sale of merchandise.

There are a number of macro and micro economic factors which our partners are exposed to, this includes low demand for tickets and subsequently poor sales revenue.

As the Company receives a license and content fee from partners using the Bricklive product, we are not exposed to sales risks unlike our Partners. 

The Company does not have a contractual relationship with the LEGO Group which provides the Company with greater flexibility to deliver the BRICIKLIVE portfolio of events.

The Company has a diverse portfolio of assets ranging from BRICKLIVE Shows, BRICKLIVE Tours (of varying themes), BRICKLIVE Centres, BRICKLIVE KIDS cafes and also BRICKLIVE Education.

The acquisition of Bright Bricks (one of the world’s premier brick model building companies having built models for Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Novartis, John Lewis and Force India), will give the Company the ability to deliver multiple events and shows at any one time. Within 12 months, the brand has grown exponentially which is largely attributed to its global presence, our partners and the strategic acquisition of Bright Bricks.

Whilst there are some companies which use the LEGO product, these companies are not comparable given they differ in the scale and number of events hosted, do not have a similar volume of bricks, do not benefit from the range and diversity of the themed Tours nor do they work with some of the world’s largest joint venture partners across 4 continents.

BRICKLIVE events have the flexibility to expand, contract and/or adapt depending on the events, venue and partner requirements and can integrate other elements of the BRICKLIVE brand to deliver a diverse customer experience. 

Given that LEGO bricks are made from durable plastic, they tend to have a very long shelf life. The ‘loose’ bricks can be used for multiple events.

Copyright ? Live Company Group plc. Brick Live Group Limited is an independent producer of BRICKLIVETM and is not associated with The LEGO Group. All rights reserved. LEGO? is a trademark of LEGO Juris A/S.

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