Zoo stories and a day out in London

BRICKLIVE teams have been working on installs in the USA and the Netherlands

Posted by Megan Jones on October 10th, 2019

BRICKLIVE tiger in a shipping crate
Looking east - crated and ready to go

October has kicked off with a buzz of activity amongst the Events Team. Adam, Brad and Joe flew to North America to start the big move as Animal Paradise leaves Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and heads to the East Coast and Stone Zoo in Boston, MA. 

The team arrived in Illinois in unseasonably warm weather which not only brought high temperatures but also attracted some unwanted additions to the insect population of the Zoo as a cloud of mosquitos decended upon the team as they deconstructed the models and prepared them for their next adventure. 

With the models tucked in nicely for transit, ready for their 1000-mile journey, the team are enroute to meet them at their destination in Boston. An exciting new home awaits them, check in next week for images of the gorilla, tiger and rhino along with the rest of the crew in their new habitat.

Burgers Zoo, Netherlands

Installing BRICKLIVE Safari at Burgers Zoo in the Netherlands was a far wetter affair. After a site visit on a blissfully sunny September day, the team and I were excited to return to the incredible venue just outside Arnhem. Unfortunately the weather had other plans and it turned out to be an extremely wet install. But when you’re working in such a beautiful location with majestic animals around you, we couldn’t complain! 

BRICKLIVE gorilla in Burgers Zoo
Our BRICKLIVE gorilla
BRICKLIVE kangaroo in Burgers Zoo
The incredible life-sized kangaroo

Burgers’ Zoo were keen to place the models in their natural surroundings, dressing them with overgrown grass and plants which allowed them to come to life. All of the models looked stunning in their natural habit, with the gorilla happily at home with its troop in the background.

BRICKLIVE elephant in Burgers Zoo
The BRICKLIVE elelphant is always a dramatic feature

Completing our final walk through once all of the models were in place, it felt as though we were immersed in the full safari experience.

BRICKLIVE tiger in Burgers Zoo
The tiger in its new home
BRICKLIVE warthog in Burgers Zoo
Our warthog in Arnhem

Ryder and Marshall’s big day out! - Annual National Conference of Visitor Attractions, Westminster, London

Ryder and Marshall enjoyed a day away from the rest of the gang last week with an outing to the Annual National Conference of Visitor Attractions which took place at the impressive QEII Conference Centre in London. Our trusty courier delivered Ryder and Marshall safely and they were in fantastic company with Museums and Galleries, Theme and Leisure Parks, Zoos and Animal Attractions, Science and Discovery Centres and many more visitor attraction operators attending the event. Whilst the attendees marvelled over Ryder and Marshall’s animated excellence, Paul and Lex were delighted to showcase the delights of what BRICKLIVE can offer at this fantastic event!

PAW Patrol models at the BRICKLIVE stand
PAW Patrol models at the BRICKLIVE stand
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