Magnificent marbles!

This week′s blog features stories from two of our amazing BRICKLIVE Shows where we spent some brick-packed days preparing for the crowd pleasing events.

Posted by Adam Coyte on October 24, 2019

Children playing on the Marble Run
The new Marble Run is proving to be huge hit

It’s been a very busy few days with lots of smiles and excited school children, many of them experiencing BRICKLIVE? as a curriculum trip. While I wish my school had trips like these when I was a kid, I was also very happy to have brought these smiles to all the little visitors. 

The 10-day show at Palexpo features our OCEAN tour and as always, the models looked stunning. The setting of the tour is fantastic, the combination of deep blue carpet with oceanic coloured dressing to embrace the natural environment has made the Orca and other family members really stand out.

The mosaic in Geneva
Our graffiti walls are always popular
Loads of fun for all ages

We also introduced a brand-new interactive display: Marble Run. I have to admit, I was as excited as the children, running marbles through the brick-based model with so many meanders and loops, it took me right back to my own childhood. Take a look below!

Marble Run can be seen for the first time at BRICKLIVE Geneva

BRICKLIVE in Geneva is running until the 27 October. Pop along if you′re in the area. Meanwhile, I’ll hand over to Jon Gayton who’s 600km or so from here in the South of France. 


The bright lights of Toulouse

Jon Gayton, Managing Director of Bricklive International, reports:

So after a busy few days, I’m delighted to report that we have had a great start to the BRICKLIVE? Show in Toulouse. Even before we opened the doors, our mesmerising models had created quite the stir with people gathering around to absorb the wonders of these models, taking pictures and selfies. The builder hearts of my colleagues and I began to beat faster with pride at what BRICKLIVE had accomplished. 

BRICKLIVE digital zone
BRICKLIVE Toulouse features digital activities too
BRICKLIVE Architecture
Stunning construction in the Architecture zone

From the free building zones, including Star Wars and Minecraft, to our latest new feature, an Off Road Racers Zone with remote control model cars, we enjoyed the glamorous element of our job which was to build some models in each zone and test the new Off Road Racers Zone, because someone has to do it. Seeing the creativity of the children, building incredible structures with friends and strangers was an important moment and just shows how BRICKLIVE can bring people together in a fun and exciting interactive environment.

There have been many visitors and kids visit over the last few days, having the time of their lives and leaving with very broad smiles on their faces. Although there were some occasional tears as some clearly wanted to continue building through the night. Perhaps one day, they will!

BRICKLIVE in Toulouse is running until 27 October. Get your tickets now, if you′re in the area.

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