Stone Zoo and a mission to Leicester

The move to Boston is complete while in the UK it’s Leicester’s turn to enjoy our models

Posted by Megan Jones on October 19th, 2019

BRICKLIVE leopard at Stone Zoo
Our leopard settles down in its new home 

Our team of travellers Adam, Brad and Joe continued on their great USA adventure and landed at the beautiful Stone Zoo in Boston, MA. Right behind them were the gorilla, tiger, rhino and the rest of the crew, ready to settle into their new accommodation for the winter months in this wonderful surrounding.

The three worked alongside the Stone Zoo team to install the zoo’s new guests, with tourists excitedly following the team on the brick trail, patiently waiting to snap photos of their favourite animals set in their natural habitats.

BRICKLIVE snake at Stone Zoo
The skill of the Bright Bricks builders on clear display
BRICKLIVE snow leopard at Stone Zoo
The snow leopard keeps a watchful lookout

After the two-day installation, ensuring all of the tree branches, plants and shrubs remained undisturbed, the Animal Paradise models were newly sited in prime positions throughout the Zoo. If you’re in New England during the colder months this year, be sure to visit Stone Zoo and witness pure Animal Paradise before it leaves in January 2020.

While the British models are wowing our North American fans, our tribute to American (and Soviet) engineering has arrived in Leicester, as Nat Rhodes reports.

One giant leap for BRICKLIVE – Leicester BID

Fifty years after two astronauts stepped foot on the moon, Ben and I took a giant leap into Leicester.

Brick Apollo 11 crew in Leicester
The Apollo 11 crew in brick form in Leicester

Although lift off was delayed, the Eagle has finally landed. Installing the models in over 10 locations in Leicester in one day was not an easy task. It was a triumph to place these incredible models throughout Leicester city centre in a one-day mission which included New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, the Curve Theatre, the Haymarket Shopping Centre and even the Showcase Cinema. The staff were extremely helpful and on hand to assist!

BRICKLIVE rocket in Highcross shopping center
Our rocket dominates this space
BRICKLIVE lander in Leicester
The lunar lander in Leicester

We are very proud that our intergalactic tour that will once again be enjoyed for all to see. The tour will be on display until 20th October, so please visit before the next scheduled take off.

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